Club Events

2018 ICPA Social & Pickleball was held on Tuesday, August 21st, at the Outdoor Courts at the Y.  Pickleball was from 3-5 p.m. after which we moved to the Eagles Club for food and refreshments.  There was an appeal for member involvement in various capacities at the Lakes & Loons tourney, club growth noted over last 3 years (80’s to 100’s to 120’s), and a wine that club members made for last years L&L won a prize in Florida (ask Ann).  Watch for  an email to members re: the L&L Silent Auction.  Good food…good fun!

2018 ICPA “Brats and Beverages” Dinking Tournament was held on June 21st.  After a successful inaugural last year, this year saw 48 players compete.  Top player, Deb Perreault, had the distinction of being undefeated in play!  The competition was fun, the food was great, and Ann was again a great organizer of the event.

2017 Lakes & Loons Pickleball Classic: By all accounts this years tourney was a big hit!!   We were fortunate to have mostly sunshine even though it was somewhat windy.  There were 121 registrants this year (up from 80+ last year) who came from seven states, and  for Minnesota, the entire metro area was represented in addition to 24 other cities. ICPA members claimed 24 of the available 90 medals. Wow!  From the Meet and Greet (food, prizes, wine/shirts, auction) to the end of some great pickleball competition – it was a job well done by all!!    List of medal winners here.  Medal winner photos here,  other L&L photos here.

2017 Club Dinking Tournament:    What a great time everyone had at the in-house dinking tournament Wednesday, July 12th.  A big thank you to Ann Will for organizing it.  Photos 

2017 Spring PB Social/General Membership Mtg was held on June, 14th at the new IRA Outdoor Pavilion.  Officers elected: Don Carlson, pres., Bob Holycross, V.P., Cathy Snowden, Sec’y, and Jim Martinetto, Membership.  We received updates from Bob on the outdoor courts at the Y and from Mike Nystrom on the Lakes and Loons PB Tournament progress.  Mike also noted new PB venues developing in Bigfork, Marcel, Nashwauk and Calumet.  Plenty of food, drinks, socialization and, oh ya…pickleball.  Photos

2016 Fall Pickleball Social:    Our last pickleball social for 2016 was held Thursday, October 6th. We were able to play outdoor pickleball at Portage Park before moving  to the Cohasset Community Center for refreshments.  The social was well-attended by many members who enjoyed good food and beverages, good company and a short update on the permanent pickleball courts at the ‘Y’ project from Bob Holycross.

2016 Spring Pickleball Social/Membership Meeting was on June, 14th.  Mitch S. noted we have 67 members of which approx. one-half were present.  Approval was obtained to begin a website.  Various schedules of play at both Portage Park and Grusendorf were discussed.  Mike N. gave an update on the inaugural Lakes and Loons PB Tournament.   Photos